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We just found the work of another awesome coffee artist. These tantalizing latte portraits are the work of Japanese latte artist Mattsun, currently treating people to delicious works of caffeinated art in Tokyo. Mattsun began creating drinkable works of art back in 2009 while working at an Italian restaurant. In 2011 he held a very popular solo exhibition, entitled Blue Sky Latte Art, in Dōtonbori, Osaka, Japan. To date he has created over 500 pieces of latter art and hopes to one day own a mobile cafe so that he can use his artwork to “bring smiles to people all across Japan.”

Head over to Mattsun’s website to check out lots more of his tasty artwork. You can also follow him on Twitter via @latte_artist_jk.

[via Design You Trust and Inspire Fusion]

Out. Of. Control.


It’s One Of The Craziest Internet Rumors About Guns. And As It Turns Out, It’s True.

It’s a fact so jaw-dropping it’s unbelievable — people thought it was a crazy Internet rumor until Politifact verified it. But it’s true: More Americans have died just since 1960 from gun incidents — suicides, accidents, and homicides — than died in every war in U.S. history. The deadliest war the U.S. has ever had is the war we waged against ourselves. 

Girls' Coding

  • me:

    ooh! i just got accepted to a free all-day coding workshop for women in DC

  • Dustin:

    thats sweet I like how its just for women

  • me:


  • Dustin:

    I didn't know you girls code differently

  • me:

    yeah, we like to make all of our text pink and purple and use fonts that have a lot of soft edges and curls in them

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